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Thepromarketing is a company that helps other companies in marketing their products, services and businesses through effective online marketing techniques and methods such as search engine optimization, Search engine marketing, Social media optimization and PPC marketing.

Prior to initiation, we develop marketing strategies that help create awareness and visibility for a business which in the long run is both beneficial and profitable.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization provides your business with the highest long term revenue in comparison to the investment done on other marketing methods. Search engines basically utilize algorithms to rank a site, top in its pages where everyone looks at it first, which depends only if the site contains relevant and trustworthy content and is optimized by the professionals.


PPC Marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC also known as CPC) advertising or marketing is the most effective way to bring potential customers to your website. This type of marketing is available in the sponsored section of some main stream search engines. PPC marketing is effective because it links customers with requirements of your niche with the pages of your website where your products of services are pitched.


Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization or SMO is evidently different from Search engine marketing, though it gradually helps to improve search engine rankings. It is a kind of viral marketing which creates echo and carries forward more through the word of mouth, with the help of social bookmarking, photo and video sharing websites. 


Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has been considered the foundation of many companies’ web marketing strategies. The grounds for this are simple: A person searches for a keyword or keywords on a search engine and finds your site, that searcher is basically a qualified visitor.


Mobile Search Optimization

Mobile Search engine optimization, as the name suggests is Search engine optimization proffered especially in regard to Mobile Search engines. This process enables entrepreneurs, organizations and businesses to obtain Rankings in Mobile Search Engines in-order to generate traffic and conversions.


Analytics and Report

Ensuring customer satisfaction is the essence of our work cultures. Prior to undertaking any project, we discuss with our clientele their business prospects and after a thorough analysis we share with them their competitors influence. We then develop optimization and marketing strategies for them that once implemented, can grant them an edge over there competition.


All of our services are custom quoted. Please contact us if you have any query or message.